Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Litra builds many different types of coax assemblies utilizing all types of standard connectors. Custom labeling and marking services are available to help identify your products. Coaxial cable is used as a transmission line for radio frequency signals. Its applications include feedlines connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas, computer network (Internet) connections, digital audio (S/PDIF), and distributing cable television signals.

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A pair of Co-axial cables

Features and Options

  • Low loss
  • Low electromagnetic interference
  • Flexible construction
  • Large variety of connector interfaces
  • Straight or 90 degree BNC connector types
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  • Single or double-ended assemblies
  • Coax with tracer wire assemblies
  • Utility applications for RTU to antenna
  • FSJ1-50A with N/N right angle for freight rail
  • RG6 Quad F/F for cable TV


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